Girlfriend brings a friend home


"Sweetie, I'd like to have a guest over this weekend," Jessica began after she had made Mike a fabulous dinner with all his favorite dishes and her best wine.

"Sure, Peaches, you can bring your friends over any time, you know that," he replied, not even looking up from his salad.

"Sweetie, she is special. She likes different things."

"Peaches, ALL your friends like different things," he smiled, "You can bring them if you want. Who will it be this time?"

Jessica swallowed slowly, measuring her words carefully, "Tina."

"Your Domme? Peaches, you talk so much about her, I cannot wait to see her! I can just imagine her eating your sweet, juicy pussy while I fuck your tight ass!"

Jessica blushed and lowered her eyes, "Yes, sweetie, that is a nice thought. There is something else, though…"her voice trailing.

"And what would that be?" he grinned.

"Sweetie, she wants to dom you as well."

"Forget it." He pushed away from the table and walked away into the living room to read.

For days on end Jessica pleaded and begged. She called him at work; she tried to talk to him at home. He would not entertain the thought; he would not even listen to her. She pouted. Many a nights were not-tonight-I-have-a-headache; many a days were spent in her solitude. Jessica even refused to undress in front of Mike at night, preferring to go into the bathroom, and emerge in pajamas, turning around and feigning sleep. Finally, after a few weeks of this tantrum, Mike gave in. "Okay, Peaches, bring her. But no kinky stuff for me. Is that clear?"

Jessica could not believe her wish was finally coming true! She kissed him and hugged him. She could not do enough to please him that evening. She gave him the best sex she could possibly imagine, riding him, pumping him, sucking him and doing everything in her repertoire to express her appreciation.

She called Tina, gave her the good news and listened carefully, thanking Tina for her suggestions and hung up. "Sweetie, Tina is coming over this Saturday. She also mentioned she does not want us to have any sex. That won't be a problem because I will be getting my period on Tuesday!"

Mike shrugged. Once a month, they had agreed a long time ago, they would lie together at night, cuddle up close, but not have sex. "Recharging our batteries," Mike used to call it.

By Wednesday they were both hyper excited. Thursday both were aching with desire. Friday they both knew they were about to explode. Saturday morning was devoted to tidying up the house perfectly, getting Jessica all pretty, her nails and feet just perfect; her hair just right.

It was on Saturday noon that Jessica got a call from Tina with the instructions. She stammered, hesitated, and finally gave in. "Sweetie, Tina says she wants you bound, you know, on our Louis XIV chair."

Mike laughed, "Forget it. Call her and tell her to shove it!"

"Sweetie, please, you promised."

Mike was so horny by now that reason had escaped his brain, "Okay, Peaches, if that is what you want."

Jessica kissed him lavishly. They peed together, as they always did, she sitting on the toilet and he straddling her, their streams intermingling, showered, and got ready. In less than ten minutes Tina was scheduled to appear. It was the longest ten minutes ever in their lives! How they were looking forward to it! Especially Jessica!

Together they went into the bedroom. Mike sat on the lavish chair, its delicate brocade fabric feeling so tingly. "Sweetie, she wants you with your underwear on." Mike looked at her quizzically and put on a fresh one, sitting down. Jessica looked at him, savoring his entire body, and proceeded to bind him to the chair, just as Tina had commanded. First she bound his ankles to the feet of the chair. Then came the knees to the top of the legs of the chair in such a way that Mike's knees were wide apart. His elbows were bound to the back of the armrest, and finally his wrists to the end of the armrests. Mike's limbs were completely immobilized, and even if he tried to move his hips, there was not much give in the ropes to allow much movement. Jessica made sure that all the ropes were secure and smiled, "One more thing she said, sweetie," and with that she reached in under his underwear and bent his erection down, almost tucking it under his testicles."

Mike squirmed, not quite used to having his erection bent down, "You're sure, Peaches, this is what she said?"

She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Sure, absolutely sure! You look so handsome and so virile, sweetie!" quickly and with nothing that Mike could do about it, she slipped a blindfold over his eyes, making sure he could not see a thing. Perfect.

He sighed.

Just then the doorbell rang. Jessica looked at her watch, "Tina is sharp and punctual," and she practically ran to open the door, greeting her with, "Tina, it is so nice to see you! Welcome home!"

"Shut up, bitch."

Mike shivered. This was a nasty-sounding Domme if he had ever heard one.

What he did hear was the footsteps of the two women approaching and entering the bedroom. Then no more sounds.

Then he heard the sound of Jessica breathing heavy as she took off her blouse. Tina must have pointed to her and ordered her to do it. Silence. Tina must be admiring Jessica.

The sound of Jessica's tiny 30-A bra unsnapping and Mike understood that Tina had ordered that to come off. Silence.

Jessica's jeans unzipped and coming off slowly, her panting loud and clear. Then silence.

Her panties. Mike was squirming in his chair, "Yes, Tina, make her strip naked for you!"

Tina walked over and slapped Mike across the face. "IF I WANT YOUR ADVICE, I WILL BEAT IT OUT OF YOU! FOR THE TIME BEING, SHUT UP. BOTH OF YOU!"

She walked away. Silence.

A slap. A hard slap. Mike heard Jessica turning slowly. Tina must have slapped Jessica's tight ass really hard as her command for Jessica to start turning, modeling her body to Tina. Jessica kept turning slowly on her feet: Tina must be admiring her naked body.

Jessica moaned, then screamed. Mike knew that particular scream: it was Jessica when her tiny nipples were being pinched hard. "Tina must be tormenting those exquisitely sensitive nipples," Mike thought, wishing he could at least see them trapped between eager fingers, but he already knew better than say something.

Then silence.

Tina walking away a few steps and opening a suitcase. Jessica moaned and started to cry softly. Whatever Tina was showing in that suitcase or taking out must be making Jessica cringe with terror. Tina slapped her tight ass and the crying ceased. The noises that followed explained what Mike was hearing and why Jessica was crying silently. Tina tied ropes around Jessica's ankles and wrists. A delicate collar came around her neck. Slender chains connected each wrist to its respective ankle and the collar to the ensemble. Thus, Jessica was on her knees on the floor, flat chest and tiny nipples pointing up, head tossed back. Tina took a good look at Jessica and laughed. Squeezing Jessica's nipples perhaps too hard, she spoke harshly, "Now, we are going to be really good girls, aren't we?" A sharper squeeze got the affirmative response from Jessica.

Tina laughed, "Good, cheap whore, now open your legs. Open them really wide for me." Jessica struggled on her knees to part her legs. It was hard work as she struggled. Tina lost patience, "WHORE, YOU SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR EVERYONE ELSE, NOW DO IT FOR ME!"

Jessica cried something and struggled as best she could to open her legs. Tina laughed, "See what a whore you are? Even tied down, you know just how to spread your legs for everyone. You must be some really cheap lay! Say it!"

Jessica whispered, "I am a cheap lay…"

"LOUDER! I want the entire neighborhood to hear you, bitch," pinching her nipples and tugging on them to the point that either she could lift Jessica by her nipples or at the very worse, rip them right off her board-flat chest.

Jessica screamed, "I AM A CHEAP LAY!"

Tina laughed, "Of course you are. We all know that. Now, tell me, how many men have you fucked today?"


"NONE, WHO?" Tina was losing her patience.

"None, Empress Tina, NONE."

Tina smiled. She liked it when women found ways of calling her respectful names. Jessica had nailed this one just perfectly. Tina knew it was going to be a fun afternoon.

She reached between Jessica's legs, "Liar. Let me see."

Inserting two, maybe three fingers into Jessica's pussy quickly and moving them about, Tina crudely observed, "No woman gets this wet on her own. You must be full of sperm, so much sperm to start your own sperm bank. LIAR!"

"Please, Empress Tina, please, I promise."

Tina stood up; walking over to Jessica's arched back, pulling on her nipples. "Listen, cheap whore, you are going to tell me the truth. One more time. I want you to tell me: whom did you fuck? Start with the latest and work your way back. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

Meekly Jessica replied, "Yes."




Jessica, swallowing hard, started in a whisper, "There was this the big dicked dude two weekends ago."

Mike was startled, "Two weekends ago? I was away on a business trip and you fucked a guy? I can't believe it."

Tina stopped short. She took out what sounded like a huge pair of scissors from her suitcase, walked over to Mike and slapped his face really hard. "Listen and listen real close. I know all about Jessica and just want to make sure she is not lying to me when she talks to me. But you… one more word out of you and off come your testicles. Understood?"

She did not wait for an answer, walking over to her suitcase, taking out a set of nipple clamps, and clamping Jessica's lovely nipples a turn too tight for comfort. Kneeling comfortably in front of Jessica, Tina started to stroke her tender clit really smoothly, encouraging her along, "OK, slut, time to talk. Who else?"

"One man came to visit me from Canada... Empress Tina"

Tina was caressing Jessica softly, playing with her labia, sliding her fingers all over, "Good, Jessica, see how easy it is? How was he?"

"He turned out to be hotter in person... Empress Tina" Jessica confided, moaning happily.

"And before him? Surely a slut like you must have had many men before the Canadian. Tell me, Jessica."

Jessica thought back, "I met a man behind the grocery store and we each masturbated while watching the other, Empress Tina."

Tina's fingers slid effortless into Jessica, her pussy flowing her unusually sweet juices, "Jessica, just once you masturbated in the grocery store? Come on, tell me the truth."

"I did that a few times, Empress Tina."

"Jessica, what did you make for dinner that night? The salad with the ingredients on which the man had spilled his semen onto? Come on, tell me the truth, darling, you can do it," as she fingered Jessica.

Jessica nodded, "Yes," she whispered.



"Good, that is better, continue. See what a cheap slut you are, fucking every man imaginable and feeling good about it!"

Jessica thought back and continued, "I went to Phoenix to meet with a Dom I met online and he fucked me, Empress Tina."

Tina laughed, "See, you are such a slut that it is not enough for you to fuck every man you see, but also have to go online to get them?" with that, she stood up, released the nipple clamps, sucking on Jessica's nipples to bring them back to life. "Go on, cheap slut, tell me about another of the many Doms you fucked."

"Empress Tina, I met another Dom online and met him in my minivan and he spanked me, finger fucked me, pulled my hair, and fed me his cock in a parking lot."

Tina was gently stroking Jessica, playing with her labia and caressing her lovely clit, "Did you like his cock? Was it big enough for you?"

Jessica moaned with pleasure, actually two pleasures: what Tina was doing to her and the memories of that cock, "Yes, Empress Tina, it was big."

"Bigger than Mike's?"

"No, about the same."

Tina stopped momentarily, "Come on, tell me the truth; you can do it."

"Yes, Empress Tina, it was bigger."

"How much bigger?"

"Empress Tina, it was huge. It made me gag."

Tina smiled, accelerating her tempo.

"Empress Tina, may I cum now?"

Tina stood up, replaced the nipple clamps, perhaps even tighter this time, "Jessica, no, cheap slut, calm down and tell me more."

Jessica continued as Tina resumed stroking and fingering her, "Empress Tina, another Dom I met was thinner than expected and much more attractive in person, but not quite as arousing in person... not quite as forceful as I had hoped."

"Good, cheap slut, see how easy it is to talk about your fucking left and right?" Jessica was moaning with delight as Tina played with her.

"Empress Tina, I met 2 men and went to a hotel in downtown Phoenix and had a lovely time (but that was a bit of a let down)."

Tina slid her finger effortlessly into Jessica's tight ass. Jessica moaned with pleasure. "Cheapest slut, did they fuck your ass too?"

"Yes, Empress Tina," Jessica admitted softly.

"Come on, girl, the entire neighborhood needs to hear you."


"At the same time?"

"Yes, Empress Tina, I mean, no; I mean yes, I mean, I don't understand your question, Empress Tina."

"CHEAPEST SLUT, YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN! Did they both shove their cocks into your widely dilated ass at the same time so you had two cocks in one hole at the same time? ANSWER YES OR NO."

"NO, Empress Tina."

Tina slipped two fingers into Jessica's ass, moving them about separately. "Did you have two cocks up your ass at the same time doing this to you? ANSWER YES OR NO."

"NO, Empress Tina."

Tina kept her fingers in Jessica's ass, fingering her pussy and her thumb playing on her clit. Jessica was moaning, "May I cum now, Empress Tina, please?"

"NO. Tell me about group sex, surely a slut like you has it often, with one cock not being enough for you, is it, WHORE?"

"Empress Tina, I work from home so I spend a lot of time on the computer. In the mornings I get to read a lot of good stuff, and when the mailman comes around (the cute one, not the other one) we fuck on the kitchen counter and then I make him a sandwich for the road. Once it was with a man I met on adult friend finder. I set up a meeting with him and the carrier on the day the mail carrier was free. Since that time, we met with that same man four more times and a different one once."

Tina was happily playing with Jessica. Jessica was moaning with pleasure, "Empress Tina, may I cum now?"

"Of course, NOT! Come on, rest a bit and continue. Tell me the truth."

"Empress Tina, the man we had the three-some with was also a bit better than expected, only with a smaller than expected cock. Tina, that feels so good what you are doing. May I cum now, please?"

"One more, come on, slut you can do it. One more."

"Empress Tina, I sort of forgot about another man I met on the same day as the 2 in the hotel in Phoenix. I met this man at a bar after talking online and we talked in his truck for a while. Then we went to a cornfield and he fucked me. He was ok; dull as a stump and missing a tooth that drove me nuts. May I cum now?"

Tina stood up, laughing, "NO! Cheap slut, it sure sounds like you have already cum enough in your life! You surely don't need another orgasm, do you, cheap whore?"

Jessica moaned and sighed as Tina stopped fondling her, removing her nipple clamps, giving her cool water to drink. Sprinkling cold water on her flat chest, Jessica's nipples quickly rebounded to life, the white clamp marks soon vanishing, her nipples dark and hard. Tina caressed her body, quivering and nervous. "Slut, now I want you to tell me all about your private life."

"Empress Tina, I am not sure what you mean," Jessica stammered.

"Whore of a thousand fucks, I want to know what goes on in this bedroom," reaching down and stroking Jessica avidly.

Jessica was squirming and moaning as Mike, bound on the chair, fumed with rage at hearing Jessica's promiscuity.

"When my Mike is going away on a business trip, he likes me to hump him in the morning." Tina was stroking her, her pace quickening, her intent being that of making Jessica climax. "Empress Tina, may I cum now, please?"

Jessica continued, revealing all their secrets, their favorite positions, how Mike humiliated her and loved her. All along, Tina was stroking Jessica just right, just to the very verge of a climax, pulling away at the critical moment just long enough for Jessica to lose her momentum, and then starting anew. "Empress Tina, my I cum now, PLEASE?"

"NO. Keep going; tell me more. You can do it. Tell me your fetishes NOW!"

Jessica nervously continued to reveal details of their intimate life. "Mike won't ever cum unless I have at least 2 orgasms. I would LOVE if he would just treat my pussy like a cum depository for about a week without letting me cum. Using me as a fuck hole to please his own needs."

Mike moaned. It was a slow, deep moan. Jessica looked over. She trembled. She knew exactly what it was. It was the slow moan of Mike having an orgasm. She was terrified at what Tina would do, especially since Tina was so adamant at rejecting Jessica's constant pleas for permission to climax.

"Let's see what that sound was," Tina laughed.

Mike heard her determined footsteps muted on the carpet as they walked. Soon he felt Tina close to him. Her scent was powerful, her perfume and natural aromas filling his head as they swarmed through his nostrils. Her body pressed against his shoulder and arm. Her index finger pulled slightly at the elastic of his underwear, pulling it away ever so slightly. He could sense her eyes looking at the gooey mess inside.

"Mike, you really shouldn't have! That was so nice of you! Jessica got you all aroused and made you cum, did she?" Tina laughed and caressed his strong body.

Mike really wished he had ejaculated into Jessica, or at the very least into her mouth, instead of in his underwear. As the thought went through his mind, he felt her very close to him. The caresses stopped. Mike could hear Tina's muted footsteps walking away, her opening the suitcase, and taking something out. What that was became obvious very soon. Tina was opening and closing a pair of scissors. She approached him. Tina sliced open his underwear.

His erection, now free, sprung up proudly!

Jessica saw Tina open her green blouse and unfasten her bra. Out came a very large, succulent breast. Jessica gasped at its fullness and perfect beauty. She placed her nipple into his mouth. Mike tongued her avidly. That exquisite was a marvel! Large and textured, it filled his mouth to overflowing. He sucked on it powerfully, his tongue racing all over it. She caressed his face, encouraging, her hands stroking his cheeks, mouth and ears.

"Jessica made you all happy, didn't she, with her incessant nymphomaniac fucking, didn't she? You have been so good. Here, you deserve to be breastfed. Suck on me, Mike, SUCK ON ME!" she commanded.

Slowly, she started pulling away. His mouth continued sucking desperately on her nipple, leaning forward to follow her as far as he could, bound as he was to the chair. She popped her nipple out of his mouth. He moaned with sincere sorrow. The sorrow would not last long. In an instant, it was back in his mouth. It had been so long since he had savored a huge, puffy nipple! And her breasts were large, firm, and full of zest and joy! His tongue worked his marvelous wonders on it. He sucked her for all he was worth, lashing it with his tongue. "My perfect tonguer," was how Jessica described him and he rose to the occasion. Tina kept pressing her breast into his face until his back was firmly against the back of the chair. He could feel her soft, curly hair dropping over his face and chest. Her perfume was delicate and subtle, yet unmistakably feminine. He could imagine her, smiling, beaming with happiness; maybe she was now wearing her glasses to see him better from up close. And her soft purrs were an absolutely delightful complement.

Jessica was moaning desperately. Tina was playing with Mike and she was bound, on the floor, all aroused and not allowed to climax. "Empress Tina, may I cum now, please? PLEASE?"

Tina laughed, "Of course, Jessica, you may cum now. You have my permission."

Jessica was jumping out of her skin!

A thousand orgasms danced wildly upon her clit. Just one touch, just the slightest one, and she would be over the edge, any one of those thousand orgasms leaping out to shatter her!

Instead, Tina was simply looking at her from a distance, her nipple hovering right over Mike's open mouth. "Go ahead, slut, cum now. Go ahead, cum."

Jessica could not bear it. Her nipples were on fire. Her labia were swollen to burst. Her lovely clit was thrashing about in midair. There was nothing she could do about it. It hurt so much to want to climax that it almost hurt.

She started to fantasize. She started on with the cocks she had most enjoyed. She moaned in vain. She continued with the fantasies she used to masturbate. It was all in vain. She needed to be touched. She needed to be licked. She needed to be fucked. She continued with the fantasies she enjoyed so much that when she masturbated would guarantee a prompt climax. It was futile. She moaned and swayed and tried so hard to climax. The slightest touch would have torn her limbs apart in a wild orgasm. Without a touch, it was useless.

Tina continued to press her nipple into his mouth, her gentle, loving caresses on his face. Mike felt Tina's hand slide down. Deliberately, she placed one upon his testicles, taking her time to position it so perfectly as to hold each one separate and apart, firmly in her hand. The other hand then went for his erection. She started to stroke it. It was an unusually perfect method. Mike could not remember ever having been handled so expertly! No woman had ever handled him so well and not even, he realized, when he masturbated for Jessica, was he able to do what Tina was doing to him now! She was absolutely perfect, the way she slid her hand using his ejaculate as a lubricant, moving her hand in all directions, perfectly synchronized, making every fold of his penile skin come to life!

Her control was sheer delight! The hand on the testicles had a free finger teasing his ass, making him eager to climax at any moment, but only Tina would decide when that moment would be.

The moment arrived.

Mike ejaculated correctly.


His erection now free, standing tall and proud, ejaculated up and away into thin air. Over and over he pulsated with vigor. Tina was such an expert that she even timed her squeezing his testicles and pumping his erection to resonate with his pulsations, totally emptying Mike of all possible traces of semen inside!

What a perfect hand-job!

Mike seriously doubted any man had ever been handled that way before!

Tina whispered into his ears, "Mike, you have made me so proud of you!"

Mike blushed and quivered at such lavish praise.

"Tina, I am sorry. I think I may have really stained the brocade fabric of the antique chair." Tina smiled; Mike was blindfolded; yet he could sense her approving smile. Yes, he had made a total mess of it, but after all, what is furniture, no matter how valuable, if it cannot be cleaned and restored to its original form?

She slapped him, "Shut up."

Tina was happy. Mike had performed admirably. She let his cock continue to pulsate and walked over to Jessica, now totally out of her mind, incapable of climaxing, yet so deliriously near. "What's the matter, cheap slut? Here you go around fucking every man you see, even wanting to feel the package of every man in the grocery store, and yet you cannot cum on your own?" Jessica was trembling and stammering incoherent replies. Tina laughed, "Cheap slut that cannot climax, have you had a woman before? ANSWER ME!"

Jessica quivered, her voice trembling, "Empress Tina, I was hoping you would be my first woman. I promise. May I cum now, Empress Tina, May I, please?"

"Whore, Mike came nicely. Now the one who is going to cum is I!"

She dropped her panties to the floor and raised her skirt. Straddling Jessica, she parted her labia wide. Jessica was totally awed at the beauty of Tina's sexuality, her wetness, the huge immensity of her perfect clit, now so looming so menacingly large, so close to her teary eyes. She could see every detail perfectly, clearly. Tina was a woman of powerful sexuality and here it showed better than ever. Tina loomed over Jessica, letting her feast at the sight presented to her. "Cheap slut, there is no way I am going to even kiss that sperm-filled pussy of yours. Who knows how much you have inside you still. NOW EAT ME, SLUT!"

Jessica started to eat Tina as best she could. She had often fantasized about pleasuring a woman. She did as well as she had read others do. She tried to be perfect. She tried to eat Tina just as she had wanted to be eaten herself. Above all, she reasoned stupidly, if she ate Tina just right, maybe (just maybe) Tina would allow her a long and well-deserved climax. She tried so valiantly to be perfect.

It was not long before Tina started moaning and swaying, "Eat me, slut, eat me. You have been fucked so much it is time you learned to eat me. EAT ME, SLUT."

Jessica did as best she could, using her mouth, her tongue, and all her imagination. And sure enough, it worked! Tina screamed with joy, parting her labia far apart, screaming at the onset of a most powerful orgasm, squirting ejaculate all over Jessica's face.

"That was OK," she muttered after she was finished.

Jessica started to cry.

"That's OK, Jessica, that's OK, you may cry now. Here, let me help you."

Tina untied Jessica. Jessica lay on the floor, a wet, limp rag, totally drained of all energy, stretching and flexing her muscles. Her tired hands lazily made their way down between her legs. She moaned very softly, "May I cum now, Empress Tina?"

Tina laughed. "Soon, bitch, soon," and reached into her suitcase.

Jessica felt Tina slip her on something. "What is it?" she asked, totally confused and really incoherent by now at the million orgasms Tina had denied her.

Tina locked it. "This, cheap slut, is a chastity belt. Your body functions can continue normally. And just to make sure you don't climax without my permission, cheap slut, the key goes around my neck."

Jessica stood up, her legs wobbling, and walked over awkwardly to the mirror. Tina had locked into place what seemed to be a very tight pair of high panties. "I splurged and got you the deluxe model. It fits tightly so you can wear a bathing suit or your gym tights when you go work out. Only the locking latch will show a bit, off to the side of your waist. Oh, and by the way, just in case you or the mail carriers get any ideas about sneaking in a finger, there is a tiny, sharp scalpel blade inside. I thought you might want to know," she winked, tweaking Jessica's nipples. Jessica moaned with desire and utter confusion, admiring and detesting her new piece of permanent apparel.

Tina smiled approvingly and walked over to Mike. "Let's work on you now. Let me see. Hum, two orgasms made you flaccid. That is nice. That is so convenient: it makes things easier for me."

Reaching into her suitcase, she pulled out something shiny and placed it. The cup covered Mike's testicles completely, its cold metal feeling strangely good. Tina slipped his flaccid erection into curved metal part. Making sure everything was nicely tucked in, she locked it too.

"That, cheap slut, is a male chastity belt. It is made of high-quality chrome steel. The testicles are totally enclosed. As he gets aroused, they will fill in and become uncomfortable. That is normal. And the cock goes into the curved metal tube. It covers his tip completely, so oral sex and masturbation will be impossible. He won't be able to get an erection either. The male belt comes in three curvatures, slight, moderate, and high. I got him the high-curvature style, which takes his cock and folds it down all the way so that not even the slightest erection is possible."

Jessica stammered and sputtered, "But he won't be able to pee?"

Tina laughed, "Of course he will, silly slut! There is a tiny hole at the end for the pee to flow. Of course, since his cock is folded all the way back, he will have to pee sitting down, just like us, and the stream will go past the cup. Just make sure you clean up the splash afterwards!" she laughed.

She stepped back to admire her work. Jessica was in a chastity belt, snug and tight, slim and taut as usual, hot as a bitch in heat, and millions of orgasms denied this day and even more to come. Mike too was trapped, his cock incapable of rising. She was satisfied. She picked up her panties from the floor, shoved them into her pussy, wetted them, and put them in Mike's mouth. "A reward for having climaxed so nicely in honor of such a cheap slut you have. She will get cranky and anxious, so I will be sending you photos of cocks she will be having. Make sure you make her talk about what she will be doing to them. It will get her more desirous."

She turned to Jessica, "And you, cheap whore, he will get very aggressive, wanting to fuck your brains out, yet unable to get it up and out. Make sure you talk to him and get him all riled up about you."

Jessica and Mike both nodded submissively. Tina smiled.

She tucked her breast back into her bra, snapped it, and buttoned her shiny green blouse. "Jessica, be a dear and walk me to the door, will you? When I leave, you can untie Mike, take off his blindfold, and clean up the mess he made on the very expensive Louis XVI chair and the wall, OK?"

Jessica nodded obediently and walked as best she could to the door, ushering Tina out, thanking her many times over for all her attentions and pleasures. "That was just what we wanted and so much more!" she happily closed.

Tina took her hand in hers, so reassuring, as only an excellent, experienced Domme knows how to, "Good, I will be back in two or three weeks."