Denial Ch. 03
by Conquered ©

Over the next week, things went along as usual with Maxine cleaning out her desk at the public school, and marking report cards. My business normally slowed down slightly during the summer, so we each had time to spare during the summer months to go bike riding and such.

For the whole week after the night at the disco, Maxine expressed remorse over getting so carried away, and for allowing herself to be seduced. But when I suggested that we not go to Richie's party, she said that if we didn't show our faces, we would be admitting she did something wrong. And besides, she said that Richie had a lot of money, and perhaps he would want to invest some through my firm. "He would be your largest client if you got him, you know. It's worth being nice to him."

Unlike the disco, Maxine was very demurely dressed for this party. She wore a loose white dress, which showed off her tan. But as I hugged her before we left, I discovered that she was braless, and had no panties on under her dress either. I got a rush of panic, wondering why she had done this. "It's a hot night, sweetheart. That's all. It's 1983. Underwear isn't essential anymore. Get with it!" She kissed me on the cheek, and we were off.

Richie had a sprawling house on the beach, with a large pool nearby. The music was very loud. There must have been three or four dozen men and women spread throughout the house or the beach.

Richie greeted us almost formally, and I was pleased to find that Maxine was sticking close to me. We got some drinks, and began to mingle.

As the evening wore on, and we were having more to drink, some of Richie's friends came over to me and began asking about investing. Maxine whispered to me, "You see! Aren't you glad we came?" In a few minutes, I looked, and Richie was introducing Maxine to three women. They were very expensively, but cheaply dressed. The contrast between them and my wife (whom I still pictured as innocent looking) was striking.

The men were becoming interested in how I could take the cash proceeds from one of the businesses they were in with Richie, and invest it soundly. Just then, Maxine came over and said softly to me, "Can Richie show me the rest of the house without you going crazy?" She said it just loud enough for the nearby guests to hear.

But I went crazy. Not out loud, just inside. Again, I had no choice but to say yes. She looked at me for a reply and when I nodded, she kissed me on the cheek. "Be back soon." My watch said 10:45.

After talking with the men for a while, I broke off, with much resistance from them, and went to look for Maxine. It was 11:30. I don't know what I'd do if I found them, but I would look.

Upstairs, the den door was closed, and I heard giggling from behind the door. It sounded like Maxine. I opened it, and Richie was sitting behind a desk, and Maxine and three other women were in front of the desk, seated, passing around a coke kit. Maxine looked high again. She called to me happily to come in and have some coke, but I didn't want to. "More for us," someone said. Everyone laughed.

She excused herself from them for a moment, took my arm and ushered me out of the den. "Were you checking up on me?" She said very calmly.

"No. . . I mean, yes." I said and looked at her squarely.

"Well are you satisfied that nothing was going on. Now will you stop being so paranoid!"

"Are you coming down?" I asked.

"Soon! Richie said he had something important to talk to me about. He said he didn't want me to feel left out of all the business dealings. Honey, these people have money to invest. Richie says that they are very anxious to invest with you. This could be a big break for us financially. Now get to work." And she playfully tapped me on the ass.

"I don't trust him." I said.

"Well you'll have to. He's a friend, not an enemy. He could be a good friend too, if you'd let him." She gave me a big hug. "See you later. And RELAX!"

I went downstairs, and mingled until about 12:30. Then, I began to go nuts with jealousy again, so I went upstairs, and went near the door. There was talking going on. I heard one of the three women who were in there before.

"I can't believe any woman would have trouble doing this. But I guess when you do it for a living, you get used all the different sizes, shapes . . . "

"And tastes!" piped in another woman's voice.

I looked through the crack in the double den doors, and could see one of the women, a redhead, seated on her knees next to Richie. His pants were around his ankles, and she was stroking his penis. Then I heard Maxine, but I couldn't see her. She was talking very animated.

"You wouldn't believe last week. I just couldn't get him into my mouth. Remember, Richie." I saw Richie wink in Maxine's direction.

"Watch me," said Redhead. As I watched through the door, she licked his cock till it was wet, and began working it into more deeply into her mouth. She stroked up and down slowly, then popped it out. "Another trick which gets them every time is you stay dressed, then the guy has to concentrate on your mouth, and look at your face. This can turn a good blowjob into a great one." She sucked on the head for a moment. "By the way, was Richie's cock wet enough, when you did him, Maxine."

"I thought so, but I guess not." Maxine answered.

"How about your husband? Can you take him deep." another woman asked.

"If I wanted to. But he's nowhere near Richie's size." Maxine answered.

"A Teeny Weeny, huh?" another woman cracked, and everyone laughed, sharing in my humiliation while my wife was getting pointers in fellatio.

The Redhead started sucking Richie again. "Why don't you get your husband up here, and you can do him while I walk you through it step by step. He'll love you for it, Maxine."

I got hard just thinking about Maxine learning how to give a good blow job, with me as the subject. But I realized that she probably hadn't brought the key to my cock cage. As I was thinking about this, Maxine started to speak. "He'd probably love it. But not tonight."

Richie then snapped his fingers. "I've got an even better idea." And he stood up, and walked toward the double doors, in front of which I was standing. I ducked into an adjoining room, and Richie came through the doors, walked to the stairs, and called to someone to come upstairs. In a moment he went back into the den, and a few steps behind him was a short, powerfully built black man. The door slammed, and I stepped back to the crack.

All of the girls were flocking around the black man, exchanging hugs and kisses. "Hi, Pump." They all greeted him. Richie turned in my wife's direction.

"Maxine, this is Pump. Pump, this is Maxine."

There was uncomfortable laughter, as Maxine moved into view to shake his hand. Pump was looking her up and down, smiling. "All right!"

Maxine smiled. Pump was still holding her hand. "She ‚?¢? prime stuff, my man."

"Carla here was trying to show Maxine how to suck like a pro." Richie said.

Carla, the redhead replied. "We're gonna help you give your husband -- or any other guy you know -- the best gift ever."

"Where is he, anyway?" Pump asked.

Maxine said. "Waiting downstairs for me."

"Come on. Why don't you get him up here." Carla asked.

Maxine shook her head, "No." There was a short pause while Maxine almost shyly and slowly, turned to Pump and smiled. "It's him I want now."

Everyone applauded and Pump pulled Maxine closer for a quick hug. "Well, Hot Stuff, I'm all yours."

Carla asked Maxine, "Your man has been down there alone about two hours. How long will he wait?"

Maxine turned to her, and very casually said, "He knows he has to be patient." There were giggles.

Then things got quiet, as Maxine melted right into Pump's arms. He gave her a big, open kiss, and her face turned pink right away, and she kissed him back hungrily. In a moment, someone threw a pillow on the floor, and Pump was pushing my wife to her knees, she shifted just out of my view. Carla kneeled next to her, and I could only see Pump and Carla, not Maxine. Carla began a narrative.

"OK Maxine, use two hands first . . . That's it. One on the balls, one on his cock. Stroke it a bit. Slower. . . Now, lick up and down the shaft. . . Good. Stroke as you do it. . . Listen to Š?‚?¢? body. . . When he moves, you stay still . . . Now, take just the head in your mouth, get it soaking wet and work it in and out of your lips while applying pressure to the shaft . . ."

I suddenly heard another person coming up the stairs, and I turned around as if I were looking for the bathroom. It was a woman, and we ran into each other. I turned and went back downstairs to get a drink.

I sat on the couch downstairs thinking. What was I expecting? When I allowed Maxine to lock my manhood away, wasn't I telling her, subconsciously, that I was no longer there to be a man for her. But her sexual desire woke up about the same time as I allowed myself to be locked away. If Maxine had had a normal desire all along, we never would have had any problems. But would her desire go away again if I stopped wearing the cock cage. I didn't care, because watching her satisfy herself with other men was also no sex life for me. I was prepared to tell her that it wasn't working and demand that we end this lopsided situation, but I knew I wouldn't for a while. I obviously was just as curious to see how it would turn out.

I looked at my watch, and it was 2:00 a.m. A few minutes later, everyone came out of the room smiling. Richie and Pump came down first, and greeted me. Maxine had recombed her hair, and was applying fresh makeup as she talked to the other two women. She came toward the couch where I was sitting, gave me a wink, and sat on my lap, squirming on my cock as she settled in. She had slight white powder on her nose, and I wiped it off. She gave me a big kiss, and realized that I was in pain. "Sorry, honey." She hugged me.

Richie and his housekeeper came back in a few moments, and they were carrying arms full of towels. Maxine laughed. "Richie has a heated pool. Everyone's going skinny dipping." Maxine got up and took two towels. Suddenly, she remembered. She leaned close and whispered. "I wish you could join us, but we wouldn't want anyone to see your cock cage." She kissed me sympathetically on the cheek. "Damn. I should have brought the key. I'll make it up to you. I have a surprise gift for you when we get home."

I knew she was talking about the new oral technique she learned, and I got another pang of jealousy. But she would probably be furious if she knew I was spying on her. "Honey, could you hold my purse while I swim. Please unbutton me."

I was standing there unbuttoning my wife, so she could go skinny dipping with two men with whom she had already cheated on me. I began to doubt my sanity.

In the pool, everyone frolicked nude and Maxine was very popular, as she was one of the few women still there. Richie and Pump were grabbing her and throwing her into the water every chance they could get. She was screaming with joy. One or the other of the half-dozen men would dive under the water, and come up with his head between Maxine's legs. She would laugh, and push them away playfully.

While she was busy, I decided to look in her pocketbook for some gum, and the first thing I saw right at the top was a large round keyring with the key to the cock-cage attached. She could have unlocked me the whole time, but, I guess, decided against it. I watched her frolic with bitterness. I dozed off from a combination of depression, alcohol and exhaustion.

When I woke up at about 4:00 a.m., things were very quiet. Richie, Pump, Carla and Maxine were sitting in beach chairs with two other women having cigarettes and quietly talking around the pool. They hadn't bothered getting dressed. I stood up, and walked over to them.

"Hi honey!" Maxine greeted me, and took my hand.

"Hey stick-in-the-mud," Carla said. "What's this about you being afraid of the water."

I looked at Maxine, who shrugged. "I had to tell them. They were going to rip your clothes off and throw you in." Everyone laughed, and Maxine looked at me apologetically.

I could tell that I was interrupting some discussion, so I said that I would get Maxine's clothes and we'd go. She got dressed, we bid our goodbyes, and we were off.

In the car going home, she couldn't stop talking about Richie, Carla and the other people she met. Just little things, centering on the exciting, rich lives they led.

We got home, and she first disappeared up the stairs, telling me to join her in two minutes. She took her pocketbook with her. She then called me from downstairs to come into the bedroom. "Time for your gift," she said, as I saw her sitting on the edge of our bed.

Once in the bedroom, she went into her night table and went through the charade of taking the key out of the drawer. "You're going to come two weeks in a row." Her face took on a mock-haughty expression. "Hope you appreciate this."

I watched as she was sat on the edge of the bed, just about to open the cock cage, and she suddenly frowned.

"Have you been naughty?" She asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked in return.

"Well, when I'm out of the house, have you been taking the key from here and unlocking your cage, and masturbating." She had a smile which challenged me. I was afraid that she wouldn't unlock me. In spite of myself, I sounded like I was pleading.

"No, Maxine. Really. I didn't"

She just glared at me questioningly for a long moment. She was deliberately teasing me. She finally smiled, swinging the key on the string.

"Are you sure you weren't a bad boy."

I looked at her angrily. She stopped smiling. "You know our agreement. Now if you did break it, . . . "

"I didn't. I swear." Then I whimpered, "Please,"

She looked at me considering for a moment, then got up and went to her jewelry box. She got a long gold neckchain and detached the key from the ring and put the key through it, she then put the key around her neck. She pointed at me. "It'll stay here, just to make sure you stay a good little boy. Now get undressed." When I was naked, Maxine slid down and unlocked my cage.

Still dressed, Maxine let the dress ride up her thighs. "You were very good, and patient tonight, darling. I have a special surprise for you. Just lie back and enjoy." And, just as I expected, my wife began to demonstrate the very professional fellatio technique which she learned earlier that evening from Carla, and had perfected on Pump. She again seemed to be experimenting, changing and trying new twists, asking me frequently how it felt.

She kept at it a long time, and soon shifted where I could see her face. She looked directly into my eyes, and I realized that this is the kind of sexual desire I always wanted Maxine to have. The irony of life is that I was not the recipient of the desire. She was not going down on me, but using me as a learning tool again, perfecting her technique for other men.

She paused for a moment, and dreamily looked up. "Remember when you would beg me to do this?" She slowly gobbled more and more of my penis until my pubic hair was touching her nose. She held it for a few moments, then slowly slid it out of her throat, and took a deep breathe. She looked at me and smiled, then licked the head of my cock.

If only the reality of Maxine going down on Pump, and last week Tony and Richie weren't poisoning this event. I didn't want to say anything, but my thoughts of being deprived all of these years, and her cheating on my now, betrayed me and my cock went slightly soft. She looked up at me astonished. "Doesn't this feel good? Why are you softening up."

I slid away for a moment. "I saw you. You and Pump."

She quickly propped herself on one elbow. "You were spying?"

"You were going down on him."

Maxine shook her head in disbelief. "You were spying on me!! You are really something. You know how I used to hate doing this. For 10 years, you begged for it, now, I give you a special gift, and you RUIN IT!"

"You were giving a strange man a blow job."

"Who am I sucking right now?!? WELL, you idiot! You're my husband, and I'm giving you a wonderful gift, and you're ruining it."

"But you were sucking a strange man tonight." I implored.

She screamed. "Carla offered to teach me. I thought you'd love it."

"I also heard her say that you should call me up to learn on." She didn't know I had heard that, and I thought I had her right there. But I was wrong. Maxine just moved closer, and said directly, almost with tears in her eyes.

"But I was doing it all for you! I wanted to surprise you. I thought that I would knock your socks off with the new technique. How else was I supposed to learn how to really suck a man off." She wiped her tears, and I was caught again.

"And besides," she continued. "I needed a man who's cock wasn't as small as yours, so it would be all the better when I finally did it for you." Maxine looked down at my cock and squeezed. "Wasted. It was all a wasted gift." She said, as she moved away, sounding very bitter.

She sat up and lit a cigarette, and stared at me until I turned away. I didn't know what she was thinking, but knew that I was being intimidated into thinking that tonight's scene was all for me, and that ruining it was all my fault. I even questioned whether that could be true, or not. I turned back, and she was still staring coldly. "I want to try something."

She stubbed out her cigarette, and got up to go to the bathroom. She was gone a few minutes, and when she came back, she motioned for me to roll over on my back. Still angry, and very cold looking, she poised herself over my face, and looked down at me. "Familiar territory, honey?" And Maxine's face began to disappear, as she lowered her ass onto my nose and mouth. Immediately, I smelled a slight difference. She had made a bowel movement, and didn't wipe. She was very dirty back there, and I tried to pull away. Maxine used her strength to hold me in place, and spoke firmly. "Hold still!" She put her hand on my penis. "I want you to clean me back there. Lick me clean." She leaned forward, and continued her blowjob.

In spite of the dirt, I did try to clean her. And her mouth on my penis was proving too much stimulation. She pulled away for a moment, teasing me by not letting me come. "Finish cleaning me first," she responded to my bucking hips.

When I had tongue-swabbed her ass clean, she went back down on me, and brought me to the brink. She paused, and as I looked up, her anus seemed to be straining. "Keep still," and she began to suck again, trying to bring me off.

Suddenly, just at the moment before my climax she paused, and let out a stream of gas that almost made me throw up. As I came, she shifted my hand to my penis. Again, I would provide my own stimulation. "I knew it!" she yelled as I was coming, and she ground her asshole into my mouth.

She leaped off me and sat back with folded arms. "I knew it! You can't come unless you're smelling the shit from my ass. I learn how to give a blow job like a professional, I offer you my pussy on a platter last time, and what turns you on? I can't believe this!"

Her eyes held mine and she saw that I was totally beaten. She just stared at me, imposing a cruel logic which she had engineered. But it was ¢?Š?†? who had been unfaithful to me, and who conditioned me to masturbation while she sat on my face.

Maxine's eyes held mine angrily as she lit a cigarette. "We have to do something. I've tried everything. But all of my efforts to reintroduce conventional sex into our relationship just hasn't worked, and I'm very upset, and very hurt. It seems that you just don't want positive validation." She drew on the smoke, and looked directly at me. "I'm beginning to think you're right about therapy. I think together we should see someone. I've heard about a good counselor who may be able to help both of us with these feelings of sexual frustration and resentment that are building up."

ding up."

After a moment, she looked at me with hurt and anger. "You wouldn't be too upset if I wanted to sleep alone tonight, would you?"

It would be the first night we ever slept apart under the same roof.

Maxine just sat up in bed with her arms folded, covered to her waist by a sheet. She stared at me and let me know that I had never disappointed her as much as now.

I took my pillow, and a sheet, left our bedroom and was about to enter the guest room. Maxine called out to me. "I'd rather you sleep in the basement." I was in shock. Maxine was banishing me to the dampest, dirtiest part of our house. There was only an old cot down there.

I went back into our room before I went down. "Why the basement?"

"If you're up here, we'll be too tempted to argue. Don't be so defensive." Maxine answered. "It's a warm night, and it's probably cooler down there anyway. Which reminds me, can you turn on our air conditioning" She stared at me as I walked to turn on the machine which would keep her nice and cool all night, while I lay sweating in the cellar. "Come here. I almost forgot."

I walked to her, and she stubbed out her cigarette and reached over for the cock cage. She put it on me, and clicked the lock shut.

As I turned to go downstairs, nude with a cock cage, and a sheet and pillow, she reached into her night table and took out her huge, vibrating dildo. She switched on some disco music, and began to slide down on the bed. "Close the door on your way out. And please don't come up here again tonight." As I walked out the door, I looked back once more, and she was staring at me, with her legs spread. She flicked on the vibrator, and brought it to her sex.

Why couldn't she have waited until I was out of the room? Because she knew that it would crush me, that was why.

What ELSE did I expect?

To Be Continued...