Denial Ch. 02
by Conquered ©

I noted, after being locked in the cock cage for the first time in 1985, I thought that I would only have to wait a few days to be unlocked and allowed to masturbate. The rule was that I was not allowed to "even LOOK like I was hinting for her to unlock me." She would just extend my denial further if I did. That first time, instead of a few days, I was locked away for two months before she decided I should be permitted relief. When she took the cage off, I came almost immediately, was totally unfulfilled, and despite my begging, she locked me back in the cock cage, vowing to keep me locked in for four months, until Christmas.

During the next few months, I began to get more fully involved in my business, doing extra projects during evenings, as I couldn't spend time masturbating. A marked change came over Maxine, which had begun very slightly ever since my penis was locked away. Her sexual desire increased, from what was a once a sex drive that needed fulfilling every few months, to once monthly, then almost weekly cunnilingus, something she had expressed distaste for in the past. Although I was not allowed to mention that I myself was sexually frustrated, she and I talked very frankly about her own new sexual desire. It was like a new toy to her, and she was as relaxed as I had ever seen her. She shed 20 lbs., dressed more nicely, and we were very happy all around.

But after three more months of deprivation, I was becoming very frustrated. Maxine's desire had increased to the point where her orgasms were becoming more explosive, and she asked me to put two, then three fingers in her vagina while I licked her clit. "I need SOMETHING in there, but not your cock." She explained. I satisfied her this way, now twice or three times weekly.

We had agreed to talk at the six month mark (mid-December) about how it was working out. That night, she allowed me to talk to her about how I was feeling. I held back the tears as I told her that there was a constant sexual stimulation, it was never off my mind, and that I really needed sexual release. "Now that your desire has increased, why can't we just get into a more active sex life."

She said that she was sorry if it seemed cruel, but that this was what we each agreed would work. "My desires are really separate from all this. The most important thing is," Maxine added, "you're also making better use of your time in the evenings. If you hadn't noticed, your income has gone up about 20%." I had noticed that I was putting in more evening hours tending to my small consultant business and not jerking off evenings, and it was showing. She looked at me proudly, expecting me to thank her for enforcing my denial.

She continued to talk, and let me know that she had been doing a lot of thinking about her new sex drive, and concluded that she had apparently felt threatened by my penis all these years, and was avoiding sex because of the fear. Having control over my penis now freed her from this fear, and allowed her to feel more desire. She thanked me for it, and asked me if I was happy for her. I had no choice but to say yes.

A week later, on Christmas morning, I was awakened by Maxine locking our bedroom door. Naked, she crawled hungrily across our bed, and began unlocking my cock cage. She took it off, and put it aside. Then she slowly began massaging my penis. I was in heaven. She reached into her night table, and took out a bottle of baby oil. She began oiling and massaging my whole genital area. She kissed me, and thanked me for all of the pleasure I had given her for the last four months. She said that I probably wouldn't have to wait four months till next time. I thanked her.

She got my penis rock hard, and I could feel myself holding back an orgasm from her hot hands. "Don't come." she whispered as she leaned over to kiss me hotly, and nibbled on my ear as she worked her hands over my penis. This was the closest to love-making I had been in seven months.

Maxine then firmly, but gently pushed he flat onto my back, and slid around to straddle me. I expected her to lower her asshole over my mouth like last time, but instead, she moved lower, and began to lower her vagina onto my penis, and put it slowly into her vagina. "Please don't come," she implored. It sounded like she was begging. I tried to hold back, and got a little softer in the process. She began to frown. "Stay hard. I need you harder!" She was trying to keep the edge out of her voice, but I felt her anger.

She then began to squeeze my penis with her vagina, something she had never done before. As soon as I felt this, I began to explode. I heard her moan, "Damn you!" as I was coming, and she jumped off my now exploding penis, greatly ruining my first real orgasm in more than half a year.

She sat up, lit a cigarette and just glared at me. ""Why'd you come so fast. I needed to have you hard, and inside me. What happened to you? Can't you control yourself like a man anymore??"

I had no answer. We both knew that four months of enforced stimulation and celibacy had combined to wreak havoc on my potency and control. "I'm sorry," I said.

"Sorry means shit!" She calmed down, and told me to put the cock cage back on. I did, and in ritual fashion, I walked to her side of the bed and she clicked the lock shut. She took a drag on her cigarette and glared at me. "We'll try again on Valentine's Day." That was almost two months away.

In the next two months, Maxine joined a health club, and went evenings to work out. She was very excited about it, and she would enthusiastically share with me her progress in weights, and aerobics. She was developing a body better than she had ever had, and in a way it hurt that she had never made this effort earlier in our marriage.

Valentine's Day came, and that evening, when we put our daughter to sleep, I expected that she would come in and free my cock, as promised. She didn't, but put on her face cream, and lied down to go to sleep. I sat up as she was trying to sleep, and interrupted her sleep a few times with innocent questions. I was getting more and more frustrated, and finally asked her what date it was.

"February 14th," She replied groggily.

"St. Valentine's Day. Have you forgotten anything?" I said.

She sat bolt upright in bed and stared angrily at me. "I told you no hints!! You were hinting!!"

I began to stammer, "No I wasn't."

"Yes you were!!" She pouted, lied back down, turned her back, and said very softly. "The next time you get unlocked is April Fools Day. And if you say even one word, I'll make it Memorial Day."

I was silent because I feared that if I said anything about it, she would, indeed, keep me locked up for the next five months. I wept myself to sleep.

Over the next few weeks, My wife Maxine asked me to buy a large vibrating dildo which I would use to try and satisfy her while I was locked away. I brought home one which was about eight inches long, and I thought quite thick, but we tried it and she asked me to get her an even bigger one. "Imagine a cock as large as you yourself have ever wanted. Then, bring me that one."

The one I found was easily twelve inches long, and almost eight inches in circumference. When Maxine unwrapped it, she gave me a big smile. "Wow! Now that's a dildo!" She then made me drop my pants, and she held it next to my own, which was an unfair comparison because mine was locked up, and soft. "Too bad it isn't real, huh. Now, a penis like this would give any woman pleasure. And it never comes too early or gets soft. Doesn't it make you envious?"

We spent the next few weeks trying to work the large dildo into her pussy. At first, she couldn't take it all, but got very excited trying to get it in. "Get me hot for it first," she would implore, and I would use my fingers and my mouth to get her ready. She use every subtle trick to get me as hot as can be, testing my own response. She would hand me the dildo, and I would try to get it in, with Maxine giving me very explicit directions. "Play it around my lips, and over the clit. Tease me with it." But she couldn't get the dildo in all the way.

The last few days before April Fools Day, we finally succeeded.

One day, she laid out a dildo harness on the bed, and I feared that she wanted to sodomize me with it. She laughed. "Does that turn you on also?" She smiled at me in an evil way. "No, I'm not going to fuck your ass with this. Well not now, anyway. But I'll keep that in mind for the future."

What she wanted was for me to strap on the dildo with the harness and fuck her with it. I looked at her quizzically, and she answered. "It's perfect. You provide the movement, and the dildo provides the excitement."

As I positioned myself over her and between her legs, she took hold of the dildo and the back of my neck and pulled me to her. "Now forget that you even have a cock. This is your cock now." She was very excited, and arched up to the dildo, and I moved as if it were my cock. She whispered hotly. "Don't you wish you had a cock like this."

The evening of April Fool's Day finally rolled around, and I said nothing. Maxine came into the bedroom at bedtime, and began taking her clothing off. Again, I could tell she was hot. Finally, she was wearing only a pair of white panties, and as we stood at the side of the bed, she took my hand and guided one of my fingers into her vagina. She never lost contact with my eyes. "I don't know what it is about having your penis locked away like this, but it makes me very, very hot for you. Waiting this long for it excites me too. Wasn't this a great idea?" She asked.

I dare not say to her that at least she has had dozens of orgasms over the last five months, while I've had none. As she stepped out of her panties, I saw her looking at me almost daring me to complain. Her face got soft again and she said "Please make it good this time." We lay down on the bed, and began touching and kissing. She still hadn't unlocked my cock cage. She gave me a deep French kiss which gave me a jolt of hardness, and my cock painfully strained against the cock cage.

"Are you okay?" Maxine asked.

"It just hurts a bit."

Maxine looked at me quizzically. "What hurts?"

Was this a trap? "The cock cage."

Maxine looked at me in a threatening way. "Are you hinting that I should remove it?"

I shook my head and held back the tears. Maxine looked me straight in the eyes, knowing that I was hanging on every word. She held my eyes in a half smile. "Beg me for more denial."

"No. Please, no." I implored in a teary voice.

"Beg me," She insisted.

I paused as she was stroking my cock. "I beg you for more denial."

"You sound so pathetic!" She answered, and removed the key from the chain around her neck. Maxine stared at me and dangled it casually, making my eyes beg. She then slowly unlocked the cock lock.

She took my hand and began to massage my penis with it, but again I had trouble getting fully hard. She was trying hard to stroke me to an erection. "If you leave the cage off for a few days . . . " I begged.

She ignored this and continued directing my own hand. I could feel the incredible heat coming from her body. I could see the moisture between her legs.

"But . . ."

She kept working my hand with hers. "You'll just have to get hard. Concentrate! The lock goes right back on after you come."

I couldn't get a solid erection, and began panicking, and went almost totally soft. She got disgusted, and walked across the room and sat in a chair. She told me to masturbate myself.

When I was done, she looked hurt. "Are you trying to punish me by not getting hard. Is that what's going on deep down inside you? You know who's going to get hurt more?" She tossed me the cock cage, I put it on, and she impatiently crooked her finger for me to come over to her for her to lock it. She didn't say a word about when it would be unlocked next.

We had gotten into a life rhythm which circumvented our new sexual arrangement. Discussion of it almost never spilled over into everyday conversation (certainly not from me because I was petrified that she would think I was hinting for her to release me, and would therefore as punishment, would keep my penis locked up even longer.)

We had never really gotten into dancing or clubbing, but as Maxine was feeling better about herself, losing even more weight and paying much more attention to her looks, when mid- June came, and the school year was ending, she felt that she wanted to start going out more. She explained her new energy: "Since I'm not escaping you in the evenings by falling asleep early to avoid sex, I have a lot more energy at night. Wouldn't it be fun to take advantage of it."

A month later, on my One Year Anniversary in the cock cage, we found a club in the area which sounded nice, got into our disco clothes, and went to "celebrate." (Maxine's words) Never a very flamboyant person, Maxine was getting looks from everywhere. She was wearing a tiny black dress, and she had added glitter to her hair. Contrary to her cheerleader looks, she was wearing heavy makeup, a lot of perfume and very high heels. She completed it all with a fake tattoo of a red spider on the top of her cleavage.

We danced on the disco floor, and as the night wore on, she had more to drink, but strongly suggested that I not drink at all. "You have to drive," she said, "And besides, I know that drinking makes you horny, and that could cause you discomfort."

As we were sitting resting from a dance, I noticed that she was staring wide-eyed and hotly at a tall, good-looking young man with dark hair and mustache across the room. He was the tallest, strongest looking man in the room, and it appeared that he worked at the place as a bouncer. "God, he's gorgeous," Maxine gasped to herself as she sipped her drink. I thought she'd begin to drool as she kept her eyes riveted. "I want to meet him. Invite him over to our table, honey, would you?"

Feeling like a puppy dog, I went over to introduce him, and invite him over. A few minutes later, he came over to the table and introduced himself as Richie, part owner of the club. He bought us a round of drinks, and we talked. He and Maxine got along very well, and soon were practically ignoring me. He caught the eye of two other men, his partners, and soon they also came over and we all began talking.

Richie leaned over and whispered something to one of his friends, and then ordered another round of drinks.

A few minutes later, he and Maxine got up, and stepped away from the table. I thought they were going to dance, but he said that he was just going to show her around the rest of the club. As I was hemmed in by the two other guys at the table, I couldn't easily get up, so I had to just let them go. She blew me a kiss, winked and they were off.

I kept my eye on them for a moment, as he stood near the dance floor and was pointing out the sound system and lighting. She hung on his every word. I tried to keep conversation going with his two partners.

Richie brought Maxine over to introduce her to the D.J., and then to the bartender. I then felt an incredible pang of jealousy, because he was introducing her as if she were his date.

In a few moments, they disappeared into the back, where his offices were. I checked my watch. It was 1:05 a.m.

As the time rolled on, I was getting more uneasy, but as I had begun drinking, I lost track of time, but Tony, the bartender, came by and said that Maxine needed her pocketbook. I said I'd bring it to her, but he just took it and said he would bring it to her. I looked at my watch, it was 2:00 and Maxine wasn't back yet.

When I made a move to get up and go look for her, one of Richie's partners gently pushed me down by the shoulders "Have another drink. She'll be back soon." There was no real menace in his voice, just a reassuring tone that I could do nothing about what was going on anyway, so why kick up a fuss.

At 3:05, she finally appeared with Richie from his office. She was wide eyed and smiling. She was slightly flushed, and they were laughing hysterically about something. When they reached my table, they told me that Richie was going to drive us home. It was all beginning to jumble together because I had had four or five drinks in the last hour to relax.

Walking to Richie's car, Maxine pulled me close and whispered "Don't worry, honey. Everything's fine. It's the first time I ever tried cocaine. Wow!" She then gave me a deep kiss which rocked my socks. "Just wait till we get home."

I was still tipsy, and when Richie's car was brought around, so was ours. I got into the front seat of our car, and a car hop got into my driver's seat. Richie took Maxine hand and led her into the front seat of his car. She looked back as she was being led away, and just smiled. We took off for our house.

I kept my eyes riveted on Richie's car, which drove ahead. Maxine was sitting very close to Richie, and they talked non- stop for the whole ride.

When we reached our house, our cars pulled up in front, and I got out. As I walked over to the car, I could see that Richie was giving Maxine another snort of coke. She let out a happy yell, gave him a hug, and slid out of the front seat. "I'll call you soon," Richie said to Maxine as he started his engine. He waved to me as he pulled away. The car hop gave me our keys, and Maxine and I went inside.

Maxine immediately disappeared upstairs, and I paid the baby sitter, who left.

After I cleaned up a few things in the kitchen, and locked up the house, I went upstairs to check our daughter, and then went to our bedroom. Maxine had put on some music, and sat in the middle of the bed, naked, except for her high heels and nylon stockings, which she had rolled down to mid-thigh. Twirling the key to my cock cage by its string, she winked and said "Surprise!! Happy Anniversary honey." She said. She pulled me down next to her in the bed, and began to unlock my cage. "God am I ever hot from tonight. Didn't you have a great time? That club is terrific! I can't believe what this coke does to me."

She took off my cock cage, and began to massage me, and kiss me hungrily at the same time. "Everything was exciting. All the attention from everyone. I felt bad knowing you were all locked up under your clothes. Well, a little bad, and a little excited." Maxine giggled and looked at me apologetically.

"I was really worried. I didn't know why you were so long. That Richie really seemed to like you." I said.

"Were you jealous?"

"A little. But mostly worried. I was wondering if you could handle any problems that might have come up.

Maxine moved down and began kissing my balls, "You know me better than that. I'm a big girl. I can handle myself. Now just lie back and enjoy this."

Maxine was giving me what was her best blow job. She still found oral sex distasteful, but her own excitement now made up for it.

As I was enjoying the oral massage, I asked her if she had had any problems with Richie. She shifted around, and was facing me. Her expression suddenly changed. "It's not important." She said, between sucks.

Had Richie made a pass? Maxine's expression seemed to say that she wanted me to ask her more.

"Maxine, tell me what happened."

"Now don't go all angry with Richie. I really handled it very gracefully. We were standing around, he was showing me his martial arts trophies, and all. And,--I don't even know why I'm telling you this, it doesn't really matter, but -- well, we had some of the coke, he gave me a hug and suddenly reached under my dress."

I looked at her, and she was waiting to see what my expression was. She went back to sucking for a moment, then spoke again. "Don't worry. I didn't let him. I almost did. I mean we hugged a little, and I let him kiss me and all, but I stopped him right there."

I felt angry at Richie for making a pass at Maxine. In spite of it all, I was getting excited. I guess the thought of another man lusting after my wife was very stimulating to me.

She popped my penis out of her mouth, and looked at me again. "I mean, can you imagine how I would have reacted with the size of his cock and all. I was really apprehensive."

I jerked. "How do you know how big he was?"

Maxine looked at me, annoyed at my angry tone. "Well couldn't you just tell how big his cock was? You saw the size of his hands. And his feet. They're always an indication." She winked at me and started sucking me again. I was getting hard. It had been two and a half months since I was locked up, and my cock was beginning to feel like the old days. But I was still concerned. Was Maxine telling me everything? How hard did he push after he got her high on the coke? "So you're just guessing about the size of his cock then?" I asked.

Maxine sat bolt upright. "Are you going to ruin this for us. We haven't had a real fuck in almost a year. This is the best evening I've had probably since we've been married. What's the big deal?" Maxine slid back down, and grabbed my cock again. "I know about the size of his cock because he took it out of his pants. That's how." She went back to sucking.

"And then what," I asked.

She stopped sucking me, but continued her stroking as she looked up at me. "What do you THINK happened then? I mean he was our host. He paid for our drinks. He introduced us around a wonderful, exciting place. He gave me some very expensive cocaine." She stopped her stroking and looked me dead in the eye. "And he had the biggest cock I've ever seen. Now will you concentrate on getting hard!" Maxine stroked my penis again, but it was softening. She made a disgusted sound, and shifted in the bed, and went back to her sucking, in earnest. As she was still wearing her nylons, and I saw that the knees of the stockings were dirty and ripped.

"Well," I prompted her.

"You never give up, do you?" She stopped sucking again for a moment, but kept up the stimulation with her hand. "I had to do SOMETHING for him. I mean if he was as hot as I was, I just COULDN'T leave him turned on like that, could I? How would you have felt if I had done that to you??"

I looked at her ripped knees, and her eyes followed mine. She gave me a sly smile, and started stroking again, but my penis was getting softer, so she started sucking. I was never so hurt in my life, and emotionally, I was not in the mood, but her hot hands and mouth got me going again. No. The power wasn't in her mouth or her hands. She was giving me what her incredible instincts told her I deserved. And needed. She knew it and was subtly torturing me with it. She looked at me and we both knew she had reached a deep nerve in me, and that she was twisting it viciously. Reveling in my degradation, she gave me a half smile and squeezed my cock. "Does that answer your question, sweetheart?" Her statement was a dare. 'Ask me more, and I'll twist the knife deeper.'

"So, you got down on your knees and gave him a 'thank you' blow job."

"Not exactly . . ." Maxine laughed at my phrasing. "That would have satisfied him and all, but the truth is, his cock was so thick, I couldn't get as much of it into my mouth as he wanted me to."

"So you jerked him off?" I asked, hoping that was the answer.

She snickered. "Would that have satisfied any real man?" She began flicking her tongue over the head of my cock.

"Maxine, what did you 'exactly' do?" I was furious and hurt at the same time.

She was both angry and amused now. "Will you forget about Richie, and make love to me!?! I saved my pussy for you. For us. You want to fuck, don't you? Or do you want to just jerk off and have me sit on your face instead? " It was meant to be rhetorical, but came out like a mocking threat.

"Maxine, what did you do."

My cock was betraying me, as she sucked some more, and got me very hard. She began stroking me very hard. "I don't understand why you want to hear all of this. Is this humiliation exciting you?? Is this degradation part of what you need? Do you want to fuck or not? Because I'm very, very hot, but if you keep up with the questions, I'll just lock . . . "

"Please don't. I beg you. But just tell me."

"Okay. If you really want to hear, I'll tell you." She sat up, got next to me facing me closely, and looked me squarely in the eye. "I couldn't suck him off because of his size, and I was saving my pussy for you, so we decided to go over to his couch, he bent me over the edge, and tried to sodomize me. But I stopped him!"

She looked at me, seemingly awaiting an apology for my ever thinking that she would let someone do that to her. She began stroking me again, and she hugged and kissed me. She began explaining between kisses to my ear and neck.

"I mean he tried sticking it in my ass, but he was worried that we were taking too long and that you would come bursting in. But I handled the situation. I told him how you loved me, and wouldn't want me to have any pain, so he should take all the time he needed. Well we had no lubrication, so I tried getting him wet with my mouth, but it wasn't wet enough. Neither was my pussy."

I was shaken. "You said you were 'saving your vagina for me!'"

"Don't be so angry. Richie didn't go in. Not all the way in. I wouldn't let him. He just poked around the edge, and dipped in for some lubrication for my asshole. He was too big to go all the way in, and anyway I told him you'd be furious, so we decided not to. Well, we still had no lubrication for my ass, but I remembered the small jar of Vaseline I had put in my pocketbook before we left tonight. So I asked Tony to go get it for me."

My cock totally withered. "Tony? The bartender? He was in the room all the time?"

"What are you getting so excited about. I mentioned he was there, didn't I??. He was the one who brought the coke in." She felt my wilting penis, and got angry. "Are you in the mood or not? I'm very hot." She reached into her night table drawer and got out her vibrating dildo. "I need either this thing, or your cock in me very soon, or my mood will be broken. But you insist on hearing this stuff." By now, I had to hear what finally happened.

She got on her back, and I got between her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet. Even half erect, I slid right in. "Are you in yet? I don't feel you." Maxine asked.

We started fucking, and it was good, but after two minutes or so, suddenly, she said "Stop! Go get your bag of s&m toys." I was disappointed that she wanted to do s&m right now. Despite my raging jealousy (or maybe because of it) we were having our best lovemaking session ever.

I brought back the sack of equipment opened it up, and emptied it on the bed. Maxine must have read the expression on my face. "Will you stop looking so worried. I'm picking out something for me." She picked out a large dildo and handed it to me. "Wet it for me, would you honey?" I began licking and salivating on the dildo.

She pushed me on my back, got on her hands and knees and saw that I was getting soft. She reached over and picked out one of the medium-sized butt plugs which she had used on me in the past. She motioned for me to get the tube of KY-Jelly from my night table. I began to lubricate her dildo, but she stopped me, "I've got enough lubrication back there already. This one is for you, to help keep you hard." She lubricated the butt plug, and motioned for me to raise my legs. She massaged my cock for a moment and then pushed the plug right into me, and I yelped. She apologized.

She then straddled me, put me in her vagina, and asked me to push the greased dildo into her ass. "You don't have to get me ready back there. Just push." I pushed and she exploded. "More. In. And. Out. In. And. Out." She was in a trance, and fucking hard and slow.

I was close to coming, when she slowed down, and lifted her hips up, letting me slip out. "I don't want you to come in me."

I was crushed. I was so hot, and ready to come. "Why?"

She sweetly touched my face. "I'm thinking of you, honey. It would be too frustrating for you to have such a hot orgasm, and then get your cock locked up again. I don't know when you'll come again, and the frustration might be too much for you." She climbed off me, staying on her knees. She saw I was disappointed, and shrugged. "I also need something bigger in me anyway." And she reached for her big vibrating dildo. "Here, use this."

With my wife on her hands and knees, I put the smaller dildo back in her ass, and the big one in her vagina. Over the next hour, I worked them exquisitely in and out of her, driving her to orgasm after orgasm, finally to her one giant one, shortly before dawn.

As she was having her cigarette, and calming down, she took my hand. "I have a confession to make. When I said that I was saving my pussy for you tonight, I kind of fibbed. I'm sorry. What I should have said was I was saving pussy for you. While Richie was sodomizing me, Tony made me a bet that I could take both of them in a sandwich, one in my behind, one in my vagina. I told them I didn't want to, but that I would suck him off instead. You know, as you said, as a thank you suck for the coke, and just to get out of there safely. I sucked him for a while, but they really wanted to 'double fuck' me, as they called it. I mean I really had no choice, sweetheart, so I climbed up on Tony's cock while Richie was fucking me in the ass. You're not upset, are you honey?"

Maxine stubbed out her cigarette, and rolled over to straddle my face. I could see the smeared jelly and traces of shit around her crack. "I'm also sorry if I hurt you when I said I needed something bigger in my pussy tonight, but Tony was quite big, and he stretched me so much I just couldn't feel yours while we were doing it. I was getting very frustrated. You understand, don't you?"

She lowered her ass onto my face, and she put my own hand on my cock. "This kind of orgasm is okay for you. Isn't it?" I began to stroke it, and in a moment, I came explosively.

Without even getting off my face, she reached over for the cock cage, and started putting it on me. As she was adjusting it, and sitting on my face, she said "Would you mind cleaning me there with your tongue. It feels so good." She began to use my mouth as toilet tissue. As she clicked the lock shut, I felt her heat building, and I knew she wanted another orgasm.

She came again, a mild one this time, and by then it was early morning. She climbed off me, threw me my robe, and put hers on. As she was about to leave, she remembered something, and turned back to me to tell me.

"I forgot to tell you. Richie invited us to a party next week at his place. Actually he only invited me, but I told him I wanted you there as well. Is it okay, sweetheart?"

She looked at me innocently. Did she know what a humiliation she was asking of me? What if I said no? I had yet to really defy her since we had give her her new power. How many months would Maxine keep me locked away if she got angry enough. I could only console myself with the fact that if things got too bad, I could just cut the cock cage off. But something other than leather and a tiny lock was holding it on me. I was both drawn, and curious on how far she would bring things.

"Yes. We can go." I said. She threw me a kiss, and walked out the door to the bathroom.